Science writer, graduate student researcher and aspiring clinician, harm reduction educator and substance use recovery advocate

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Kevin Franciotti received his bachelor of science degree from Northeastern University in 2013. In addition to his undergraduate study of behavioral neuroscience, he completed internships for a mental health rehabilitation agency serving clients in the Boston community, and at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital, assisting in a psychedelic research lab. Kevin helped found the Northeastern chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, where the group hosted and co-sponsored the Boston Ibogaine Forum. As an associate for the Drug Policy Alliance, Kevin researched, drafted, and facilitated the peer-review of five drug fact sheets, and he regularly contributes as an independent writer, where his articles have appeared in New Scientist magazine and He is now based in New York City enrolled in the graduate psychology program at The New School for Social Research. Kevin is focusing his learning and career objectives on the study and practice of mental health and substance use counseling, with a research focus on the effects of non-medical psychedelic substance use on wellbeing and other mental health outcomes, and in clinical contexts for drug-assisted psychotherapy.